Here at Oasis Orthodontics, we want to make everyone’s experience easy, including those who visit our website. We ensure that our site is well-designed and properly coded. This way, every second you spend here at will be worthwhile.

Oasis Orthodontics uses techniques and technologies to assist users. At the same time, we want to be useful to all users, regardless of their abilities and literacy level. With every effort, we make sure that we have achieved the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards for accessibility.

General Web Accessibility

A few tools exist to help people with a disability to access the Internet. Among them are:

  • Hardware tools, including Braille displays, trackballs, joysticks, and specialised keyboards. These tools can manipulate the mouse or keyboard if a certain user with a disability cannot utilise them.
  • Software tools, including screen readers, magnifiers, and onscreen keyboards. These programs can change the way the user interacts with a page or site.

Display and Readability

No matter what browser you use, you should easily be able to navigate our website. You can use a keyboard if you are having difficulties with the mouse. This website allows you to adjust the font size by zooming into the page using the CTRL button with the Plus (+) or Minus (-) key.

Other ways include:

  • Google Chrome: Hold Command key and Plus (+) or Minus (-) key together for Apple OSX.
  • Internet Explorer 7 and 8: Go to View and select Zoom.
  • Internet Explorer 9 and 10: Click the Cog icon and select Zoom.
  • Firefox: Go to the View menu and select Zoom.
  • Safari: Go to View and choose Zoom in or Zoom out. If you use the keyboard, hold Command and the plus or minus sign.

Easy Navigation

If you cannot use your mouse to go from one page to another, we have navigational aids set up for you:

1. Tab-based Navigation Methods

  • If a link is active, press Enter on your keyboard.
  • If the main menu has sub-menus, they will be displayed automatically without needing you to press other buttons.
  • Press Enter to go to a sub-menu when it is active.
  • Navigating a tab in reverse is activated when you press the “Shift” button to go to that tab.

Safari users cannot use this feature by default. Enable it using the Preferences window and go to the Advanced tab. Check the “Press Tab to highlight each item on a webpage” to activate.

2. Printer Accessibility

Easily print any page on the website by holding CTRL + P if you are a Windows user. For Apple OSX, hold Command + P to start printing.

If you encounter any page that requires a certain piece of software, the following links may be useful for you:

You can also check accessibility information of your browser using its Settings menu.

If you experience any difficulty in accessing information or page on our website, please visit our contact page to tell us about it. You can also use the same page to provide us with any suggestion on how to improve our website.

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