Author: Roxanne

I have big responsibilities as the Practice Manager of Oasis Orthodontics. Overseeing the business side of our dental practice is just one of my important duties. Oasis Orthodontics believes in my skills and dedication to provide the best quality care possible. My qualifications below speak for me:
  • I am a qualified dental nurse.
  • I have acquired years of experience in orthodontics, as well as other branches of dentistry.
  • I am a team player and I am confident in my communication skills.
  • I like meeting new people, whether they are a new member of the company or a patient.
  • I always greet everyone with a smile, which is key to making patients feel comfortable
Aside from the ones mentioned above, I have also acquired the Level 3 Diploma in Dental Nursing, which is a nationally accredited qualification in the UK. Completing and receiving the diploma has enabled me to register as a professional in the dental health industry with the General Dental Council (GDC). Furthermore, it has allowed me to practice as a dental nurse. I also had the chance to accomplish Hospital Qualification in Dental Nursing at the Dental Hospital of Manchester. It was indeed a rewarding experience, having to aid in routine dental care and treatments. I have also received the Certificate in Dental Radiography at Salford University in Manchester, UK. It certifies that I can work with the supervision of a dentist to X-Ray patients. When I am not performing my tasks as a Practice Manager at Oasis Orthodontics, I love to exercise and socialise with my family and friends.
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Kingsley Orthodontics is now called Oasis Orthodontics. We are now operating in two locations: Clarkson and Kingsley.