The Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

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Your smile can significantly improve, giving you the confidence boost you might not even know you needed. But did you know that there is more to it than aesthetics? Your straight pearly whites come with great health benefits, too.

There are various orthodontic treatments, such as Invisalign or clear aligners and the different types of braces (conventional metal, ceramic, and incognito). The goal of these treatments is to help you achieve a symmetrical smile. They work to straighten your teeth gradually. At the same time, they can improve your oral health and provide other benefits, such as making you look younger and even stop nail-biting habits.

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First Things First: Why Do Teeth Get Crowded?

According to Orthodontics Australia, about 55% of Australians are unhappy about their teeth. More than 60% of these individuals wish they could do something about their crooked smiles. If they are given a chance, almost 50% of them would prefer to change the appearance of their teeth over any other part of their faces.

Most people believe that they do not have straight teeth because of nature. It’s just the way it is. But the fact is it isn’t the only cause. Often, the reason why teeth are crowded is due to a phenomenon known as “mesial drift.” Teeth do not grow crowded, but mesial drift happens where the teeth sink inwards or towards our tongue. As a result, the crowd and overlap.

Aside from mesial drift, crowding is also due to genetics where the jaws are smaller than the teeth, causing them to twist or overlap. Kids who lose their primary, milk, or baby teeth early tend to have crowded teeth, as well.

These days, it is easy and quick to have a straight smile. A laser-guided mapping system, such as an intraoral scan using a Trios Scanner, provides patients with the ability to see how their new smile will look. There is no longer a need for impressions or moulds.


The Problem with Crooked Teeth

A mouth full of problematic crooked teeth.Many Australians and other people around the world live with crooked teeth. They do not seek treatment, believing that crooked or crowding is not an issue. It’s merely an additional and unnecessary expense for aesthetic purposes.

When teeth do not line up correctly, malocclusion takes place, which comes in various types. Crowding and spacing, for example, teeth proximity is the main issue. Meanwhile, other malocclusions typically involve the misalignment of the teeth or bite, such as crossbite, excessive overjet, and deep bite.

All the mentioned problems are common dental issues. But “common” does not mean “acceptable.” If you have any of the issues listed, they can cause serious complications in the long run. Left untreated, the situation can get worse as time passes. It’s why orthodontists are around to help correct the problem, which can save you stress, discomfort, and money.


The Link Between Your Health and Straight Teeth

Misalignment and crooked teeth are troublemakers.

Here are the reasons why you should let Oasis Orthodontics treat and correct your bite:

1. Eliminate the Abnormal Stress That Misaligned Teeth Put on Your Mouth and Jaw

Malocclusions set the stage of various problems in your oral health and even your overall health. They increase the risk of periodontal disease, among others. Unlike straight teeth, it is difficult to clean crooked teeth. If you do not visit your dentist regularly, it is an even bigger problem.

It is often said that having misaligned teeth increases the time needed to heal an injury. Because teeth protrude at the wrong angles, you place more stress on some parts of the mouth. At the same time, you are more at risk of biting your tongue and even knocking out a tooth. It happens to people with an overbite, crossbite, and underbite, which are all candidates for orthodontic treatment.


2. Having Straight Teeth Prevents Teeth Loss Over Time

A mouth with crooked teeth and a front tooth missing.If you take a look at adults who still have their teeth intact even at an old age, they all have something in common: straight teeth. Coupled with good oral habits, your teeth can last for a long time even with daily biting and chewing. These two activities, along with talking and smiling, can put a fair amount of pressure on your jaw and teeth.

When aligned properly, teeth can handle all that pressure. Bite issues put unneeded and often excessive stress on areas in the mouth and jaw that cannot take it. Unfortunately, it results in premature wearing.

Because we cannot stop eating, chewing, and talking on a daily basis, the additional stress eventually leads to chipping. That is not the only problem. It can also cause abnormal flattening of the site where we bite and notching at the gum line. The edges of the teeth will have tiny fractures that continue to grow the more we use our teeth. The damage can worsen and may be irreversible when it’s too late.

You can tell that the outcome is unattractive. You also end up with weakened teeth with a high risk of developing periodontal issues. If it does not get treated right away, you may have to turn to a more expensive dental work just to repair your teeth.


3. Jaw Trouble is Less Likely to Happen With Straight Teeth

A bad bite, as you may already know, strains your teeth. But it also affects your jaw joints. The temporomandibular joints, to be exact, are the hinged joints, which creates that link between your skull and jaw. You can find it near your ears.

With the added strain from your crooked teeth, the joints and supporting muscles get irritated. It could lead to jaw problems, which include jaw pain. Often, this pain is accompanied by other symptoms, including ringing in the ears, earaches, and dizziness. You may also suffer from headaches that do not seem to disappear. Many people who went to an orthodontist found that their recurring headaches go away after getting their malocclusion treated.


4. You Get Healthier Gums With a Much Lower Risk for Periodontal Disease

A patient with healthy gums finalising her treatment at Oasis.It is not a secret that the best way to avoid periodontal or gum disease is to clean teeth every day. Brushing teeth and flossing are two of the most important things that you must do daily to prevent gum disease.

But did you know that it’s easier to clean your teeth when they are straight? Because of the misalignment of teeth, it can be difficult to get rid of bacteria. You may be harbouring years of bacteria in your mouth even if you floss and brush regularly.

Lingering bacteria trigger periodontal disease, which is a type of infection that destroys the tissues responsible for supporting your teeth. Even if it is also called gum disease, periodontal disease is not only about the gums. Other parts of your mouth are affected, although your gums are the first ones that will feel the impact. The next casualties are the alveolar bone and periodontal ligament.

During the early stages, the disease is detectable by taking a look at the gums. If you notice slight to suspicious redness and tenderness when you brush or floss, be on high alert. When it bleeds, it may have already progressed (unless you are brushing too hard).

Without treatment, it can become even more serious. The infection can cause inflammation of the gums that persists. Soft tissue damage may also occur. Make sure you visit your dental professional when you notice the mentioned symptoms. Otherwise, your gums will recede, which can lead to bone loss and eventually, tooth loss.

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Self-confidence Boost

First impressions are important because they last, and it is nice to have straight teeth. They are pleasing to look at, giving you a boost in self-esteem.

Get that beautiful smile you have been dreaming of. Contact Oasis Orthodontics and schedule an appointment to learn which teeth straightening product or service is best for your case.

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