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Time and time again, our patients would tell us about what makes our practice unique. It’s none other than our amazing staff. Oasis Orthodontics is composed of professionals who are dedicated to providing not just their expertise but high-quality care and respect to every patient. We take the time to ensure that each appointment is special with careful, thorough procedures and absolutely without any rush. This way, our patients will feel they get the treatment they need and want – and with visible results.

Our team, headed by Dr Anthony Hopkins, aims to make a significant impact on the lives of the patients, as well as their families. We take pride in how we communicate with everyone, which we believe fosters long-lasting relationships. Being able to build and nurture these relationships is at the core of our practice’s mission. It’s why we are proud to say that the Oasis Orthodontics staff is second to none.

Oasis Orthodontics

Dr Anthony Hopkins

Dr Hopkins completed his Dentistry degree at The University of Manchester in 2006. After graduating, he worked in General Dental Practice and then posts in Paediatric Dentistry and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery…

Roxanne Rudden

Roxanne is our Practice Manager. She is a qualified dental nurse with extensive experience in dentistry – particularity in orthodontics. She likes working in a great team, meeting new people, and seeing patients with a new smile. Roxanne enjoys Reiki healing, exercising, and socialising with friends and family…

Sinead Malone


Love working with a team who are passionate about doing the job to the best of their abilities. My favourite part of Ortho is seeing the end results and how happy our patients are with their brand-new smile.

Chelsea Cole


My favourite part in my role is educating patients on their journey ahead to their perfect smiles within our amazing practice! I love working with the patient and specialist in finding a treatment plan that would best suit their lifestyle and family budget.



My name is Nicole but everyone calls me Nikki, I’m a Dental assistant at Oasis Orthodontics.

I have had quite a long braces journey that’s helped me mould into the person I am today and has made me quite passionate about my job role.

Kathy Ferguson


I like to get to know patients and find out what their interests are and see their enthusiasm. It’s always great to see patients progress from start to finish of treatment. I love to dance, mainly Latin and Ballroom.



As an OHT I find fulfilment in playing a role in transforming smiles and boosting patients’ confidence.

Guiding patients through their orthodontic journey and witnessing their happiness as they achieve their desired smiles makes my work incredibly rewarding and meaningful.

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Kingsley Orthodontics is now called Oasis Orthodontics. We are now operating in two locations: Clarkson and Kingsley.