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In each case, Oasis Orthodontics uses a methodical approach from start to finish. The procedures are straightforward, making it convenient for everyone, especially the patients. They want to be treated with as little delay as possible and it is exactly what Oasis Orthodontics aim for.

The company and its professionals have a systematic process that comprises of the “Seven Ps of professionalism.”

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1. Pre-assessment

Oasis Orthodontics is known for its one-time assessment in which there is typically no need for more evaluations of the patient. It is conducted all at once in just a single appointment.

The clinical assessment stage would generally consist of the analysis of the following:

  • Facial structure
  • Condition of the teeth
  • The bite condition of the teeth
  • Gum condition

After compiling the list of problems of the patient, the orthodontist at Oasis Orthodontics will arrange for a selective, appropriate X-Ray. Often, patients only need one X-Ray but others may order two.

Oasis has its own X-ray machines so most of the time patients do not have to get referred to an external radiology department. This process will help cover most patients and will also save time and effort since they no longer have to go to a different office.

2. Process Mapping

The process mapping at Oasis Orthodontics typically centres on the treatment plan for each patient. A team consisting of the orthodontist will take a look at the patient’s journey first. Did the patient get any prior treatments? Are there any other issues with their dental health? Essentially, this part of the process is treated as a roadmap, from the diagnosis to the list of individual problems, to make sure all problems are fixed.

Other assessments will be involved, including the evaluation made before this stage. Both clinical and radiology records will also be checked to come up with the best and appropriate treatment plan.

After the thorough assessment, all documents will be combined. At Oasis Orthodontics, it is essential to have a proper diagnosis to come up with the right treatment. It enables the specialists to fix the problems listed from the diagnosis.

In the end, the patient achieves a nice smile, a good bite, and everyone is happy.

3. Priority

Before carrying out any orthodontic treatment, all existing problems, such as gum disease and tooth decay, should be managed or fixed first. Prioritising patients will generally depend on the complexity of the case, as well as the age of the patient.
Here are some examples:

  • A nine-year-old with an underbite should be treated right away. It is the best time to fix this problem, which is while the patient is still young and under the age of 10.
  • Patients who are in their early teens from the age of 10 with prominent front teeth should be prioritised as well.
  • Patients, mainly adults, with impacted tooth should be fixed immediately. This particular problem can cause damage to the surrounding teeth.
  • For those with missing tooth or teeth, it should be addressed as quickly as possible as it can have a detrimental effect on the look of the teeth and bite.
  • Jaw discrepancies or wrong position of jaws should be prioritised before other dental problems. This type of issue can have a functional, aesthetic, and psychological impact on the patient.

4. Prognosis

To understand better we use an example here. A patient with lots of crowding walks into the office. His tooth has existing dental disease, including decay or infection around the root of the tooth. In such a case, the orthodontist at Oasis Orthodontics will typically perform an analysis.

Then, the next step is to be selective in removing the tooth (or teeth). It is indeed a complex process depending on the individual and the situation. The crucial part of the procedure is picking the right tooth or teeth to be removed. It is to ensure that the patient will have a good outcome out of the extraction and the whole procedure.

Many cases are easy but others require extra work. The outcome is what matters because it is what patients look forward to. It is why Oasis Orthodontics always strives to have the best results for every patient.

5. Preparation Work

As with any medical, dental, and other procedures, preparation is extremely essential. All specialists and members of the staff have been trained professionally and exceptionally. They have acquired their knowledge and experience prior to working with Oasis Orthodontics. At the same time, they continue to learn and discover more through their time onsite.

Oasis Orthodontics always has a plan for the patients. From the evaluation to the time when the appliances or treatment is applied, everything has a system. The instruments that will be used, along with other materials and equipment, are all in order. This way, the diagnosis and other stages of the treatment will not be delayed. We aim to make it smooth and stress-free. No matter what procedure, whether it is simple or complex, it will be performed right away with the appropriate plan.

6. Procedure

Every procedure is different with varying times. For example, if a certain person will have braces, we will set aside an hour for the patient to sit on the chair and be more comfortable. Everything is done systematically. The assistant is present and ready with all the materials and instruments prepared, so delays are avoided at all times.
The procedure typically involves the following steps:

  • The teeth are cleaned first before individually sticking the brackets on.
  • Then, the wires will be placed on each bracket. It is a careful process and the orthodontist has to make sure no excess glue and other issues exist.
  • Follow up with the patient. At this stage, talking with the patient is essential to explain all the ways to take care of the teeth.

7. Produce Results

At Oasis Orthodontics, the objective is to do something worthwhile. We try to be the best every time in every case, delivering what all patients require.

The results vary from time to time. A common question that the orthodontists get is about the duration of the treatment. Patients would typically ask how long the brace treatment lasts. As with any treatment, it is a case to case basis. However, the average is 18 months to two years.

We aim to explain to patients that it is not about the time, but it is about the results. In some situations, the treatment can take longer. However, it should not matter as long as the desired results are achieved.

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