Roxanne Rudden
Practice Manager

Roxanne Rudden is Oasis Orthodontics’ Practice Manager. She has extensive experience in the dental industry, as well as orthodontics.

Work History

In 2005, Roxanne took up Dental Nursing at the Manchester Dental Hospital in the UK. She completed a two-year training course through the dental hospital and got NVQ Level 3 in Oral Healthcare. She also got a Hospital Qualification in Dental Nursing, which is a type of training recognised by the hospital itself.


  • NVQ level 3 in Oral Healthcare (UK)
  • Hospital Qualification in Dental Nursing (Dental Hospital of Manchester, UK)
  • Post Qualification in Dental Radiography (Salford University, Manchester, UK)

Once she qualified, she worked for the dental hospital for five years. During this time, she already started working with Anthony, which continued for several years.

After five years, she decided to go to orthodontics in private practice in Manchester.

Shifting to Orthodontics

Roxanne spent a lot of time in the orthodontics branch of the dental hospital and realised that she preferred it. What attracted her to orthodontics was the transition of the patients. From being apprehensive in smiling to achieving the straight teeth they have always wanted, it was a different experience.

Orthodontics also opened doors to building a relationship with the patients. They typically visited on a regular basis, which made it easy to get to know them better. It was something that was missing in general dentistry.

The transition was not too difficult. When Roxanne worked at a private practice in Manchester, she got her Post Qualification for Dental Radiography for Dental Nurses. It was a one-year course that she completed at the University of Salford.

The training was intense but essential because it allowed her to perform certain services, including taking dental X-rays. She stayed for four more years in the UK before moving to Australia. She then decided to go to West Perth where she was reunited with Dr Anthony. From there, Oasis Orthodontics was born.

Working With Dr Hopkins and the Whole Team

Being with Oasis Orthodontics is an amazing experience for Roxanne. It was something that she always wanted to do. Plus, she sees how the company has evolved over the past few years. Everyone is easy to work with. There is a good team ethic, keeping the staff on the same page. It is one of the key ingredients to a smooth-sailing operation.

Roxanne’s role is in the management division of the company. It is once again a shift from dental nursing. Although these two jobs are quite different, she has always been an all-rounder who is ready for anything as required.

Communication is essential in any patient’s orthodontic journey. It does not matter whether they are wearing braces or retainers. At the beginning of the process, when the person sends an enquiry, there should always be the willingness to assist.

At the end of the day, the most rewarding thing about being in orthodontics is seeing the transformation of the patients. It is not just their smile but their confidence as well.

Changes in the Industry

Having been in the dental industry for several years, Roxanne has seen how a lot of things have evolved. She saw the revolution from old school to modern. Some of these changes include:

  • Priorities: The main focus now is to ensure that the patients are comfortable.
  • Technology: The changes in technology have allowed orthodontists to perform their jobs faster and more efficiently. They can create a smoother ride both for the patients and the practice.
  • New Methods: Systems, such as the 3D scanner, have modified how to care for the patients. For instance, the scanners eliminate the need for mould, which is often uncomfortable for the patient. It also takes a long time to create a model for the teeth to work on.
  • Less Visible: Clear aligners are undeniably a huge development. The way they are produced and the independence from wires are true revolutions in dental technology.
  • Day-to-Day Operations: Even simple tasks have become more advanced. For example, Oasis Orthodontics is almost fully paperless. Using management software, patients can choose to receive their records and medical history form via email. Reminders can be sent through texts automatically. At the office, everything is quicker, such as through uploading documents digitally.

Roxanne truly has an important role in the success of Oasis Orthodontics. But when she is not working, she likes to drink gin and tonic. She also dedicates her time to her family. She has been part of a boot camp for fitness for years.

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