Your braces step by step guide: from braces on to braces off at Oasis Orthodontics

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Braces Step 1: Initial Orthodontic Consultation

At Oasis Orthodontics in Perth, the journey of braces begins with an initial orthodontic consultation. Having an orthodontic consultation allows us to determine if braces are the right option for you and to develop a personalised treatment plan. The orthodontic consultation is approximately 60 minutes. You’ll get all the information you need including details about our interest free orthodontic finance plans. During your orthodontic consultation, you will meet with our experienced orthodontist and Orthodontic Treatment Coordinator who will assess your orthodontic condition and discuss your treatment goals. If you are attending our Kingsley practice and need to have orthodontic x-rays taken, we will give you a referral to have this done at a location near you before you attend your consultation. If you are visiting our Clarkson location, you can have your orthodontic x-ray taken on site within our practice. Please note, orthodontic x-ray normally include a Lat-Ceph and an OPG. These x-rays are different from the normal x-rays taken in a general dental office.

Braces Step 2: 3D Orthodontic Video scan for braces planning

In the second step of the braces journey, we use advanced technology to take a digital to create a digital impression of your teeth. This is a comfortable process that uses a camera in the shape much like a wand. The 3D braces impression process is radiation free and eliminates the need for messy traditional molds and provides us with a highly accurate representation of your dental structure. The scan ensures precise treatment planning and allows our Orthodontist to visualise the expected outcome of your braces journey.

Braces Step 3: Braces Digital Treatment Planning using digital software and Orthodontist expertise

Once we have the 3D scan of your teeth, our skilled orthodontists use digital treatment planning software to design a personalised orthodontic treatment plan. This step combines the expertise of our orthodontists with cutting-edge technology to create a detailed roadmap for your braces journey. The digital treatment planning allows our orthodontist to digitally place each braces bracket in the optimal place for each individual tooth. This process ensures accuracy, efficiency, and helps us achieve the best possible results. Once our orthodontist is happy with the digital placement of each braces bracket, custom made Indirect Braces Trays are printed via a 3D printer. These orthodontic trays are much like a mouthguard. They match the exact shape and position of your teeth and are a template that each braces bracket is placed within

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Braces Step 4: Braces are transferred to your teeth via the indirect braces bonding method

In step five, one of our highly trained Oral Health Therapists will transfer the braces to your teeth using the indirect braces bonding method. Following our Orthodontists digital treatment plan, this technique ensures greater accuracy and efficiency compared to traditional bonding methods. Instead of bonding each braces bracket to each tooth one by one, using the indirect bonding method, we can transfer multiple brackets from the trays to your teeth at the one time. This improved efficiency increases your comfort level and significantly reduces the time you spend in the orthodontic chair.


Braces Step 5: Getting the guide to taking care of your braces

Once your braces are in place, our Orthodontic Assistant will take the time to educate and guide you on how to maintain good oral hygiene during your braces journey. They will provide you with detailed instructions on how to keep your braces clean, what foods to avoid, and how to navigate any discomfort that may arise. Our goal is to support you throughout the treatment process, ensuring the best possible outcome for your orthodontic journey.

Braces Step 6: Braces tightening (adjustments)

Regular orthodontic adjustments are an integral part of the braces journey. Often called ‘braces tightening, in this step we apply gentle pressure to your teeth and gradually shift them into their desired positions. These braces tightening appointments may include steps such as replacing the wires, repositioning braces brackets and the use of power chains and ortho orthodontic elastics. These braces adjustments, typically scheduled every 8 to 12 weeks, allow us to monitor your progress and make any necessary modifications to your treatment plan, ensuring optimal results.

Braces Step 7: What to do when something goes wrong with your braces

During your braces journey, it’s important to know what to do in case something goes wrong. Our orthodontic team will provide guidance on how to handle common issues like loose brackets, broken wires, or discomfort. Our orthodontic professionals are readily available to address any concerns you may have and provide the necessary solutions to keep your treatment on track. Most orthodontic problems can be resolved at home, but we will advise you over the phone if you need to come in for a quick orthodontic fix.

Braces Step 8: Braces removal check

As your braces journey nears its end, our Orthodontist conducts a braces removal check. During this appointment, they will thoroughly assess your teeth and confirm that the treatment goals have been achieved. We ensure that your teeth are properly aligned and that all necessary corrections have been made. This step is crucial in determining if you are ready for your braces to be removed. If they are ready, your braces removal appointment will be booked.

Braces Step 9: Braces removal

Braces Step 9 marks an exciting milestone in your braces journey: the removal of your braces. This is a moment to celebrate as you see the transformation that has taken place during your treatment. Our orthodontic therapist  will carefully remove the brackets and wires, taking great care to preserve the integrity of your teeth and gums. Seeing your new smile for the first time is an exciting experience for you and for all of our team. It’s our favourite moment in your braces journey.



Braces Step 10: Orthodontic retainer insert

Following the removal of your braces, it is essential to maintain the results you have achieved. In step 10, we insert orthodontic retainers to help stabilise your teeth in their new positions. Retainers are custom-made to fit your mouth comfortably and ensure that your teeth remain aligned as your jawbone and surrounding tissues adjust to the changes. It’s important to wear your retainers full time following the removal of your braces, taking the retainers out only to eat and when you are drinking anything other than water. Our orthodontist will advise you when it’s time to reduce your orthodontic retainer wear. But remember, the body will keep changing over time, and that includes changes to the condition of your gums, jaw bones and teeth. So for long term orthodontic maintenance we recommend wearing your orthodontic retainers at nighttime for a lifetime.

Braces Step 11: Orthodontic Retainer Checks

Braces retainer check-ups are an integral part of post-braces care. Step 11 involves attending appointments where we evaluate the condition and effectiveness of your orthodontic retainers. We make any necessary adjustments and provide guidance on proper retainer usage to ensure that your teeth continue to stay in their corrected positions.Typically you will see us up to 3 times after your braces have been removed.

Braces Step 12: Braces journey complete

Congratulations! Step 12 signifies the completion of your braces journey. While the active phase of your treatment may be over, it is essential to maintain good oral health. We recommend that you continue to see your general dentist for regular check-ups and cleanings to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

At Oasis Orthodontics in Perth, we are committed to providing you with an exceptional braces journey. Our comprehensive approach, combining advanced technology, digital treatment planning, and personalised care, ensures that you achieve the smile you’ve always desired. Trust our experienced orthodontists and orthodontic team to guide you through each step of the process, leading to a successful and rewarding braces experience. Book your consult here. 

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